Spreckled Monkey Man Cards

Cards for the other half of the planet

About Us

For thousands of years, stories passed down from father to son would paint the picture of these Spreckled Monkey Man Cards. Even as far back as Ancient Egypt, scholars have discovered the inscriptions BIRD, EYE, EYE, RAISED HAND, BIRD, CANDY CANE - which roughly translates Hevitch Wuudhs Ala Modich, which is Greek for "Monkey on Cards, Laughter in Air," which is English for "Spreckled Monkey Man Cards."

As to the creators, after toiling away for most of their childhoods in coal mines, Mike and Scott overcame all of the harsh obstacles of middle-class suburbia to reach adulthood. And reach adulthood they most certainly did, as both friends and bystanders alike would admit that they are some of the strongest specimens around. Generally smell-neutral and outgoing, Mike and Scott could be found pillaging the Washington, DC, and Sydney, Australia, areas respectively.

When it came to finding the right illustrator, Mike and Scott were lucky enough to stumble onto Sophie. Not literally, of course, as she is much smaller and gentler than the boys, and any attempt to bump, stomp or walk on her would cause great harm. Not only is she the best illustrator in the entire universe, but she would also easily win the Nobel Prize for "Hilarious Cartoonish Drawings," if such a category existed.

While Mike and Scott primarily run Spreckled Monkey Man Cards to rub their success in other people's faces, they also commit to real causes, like donating proceeds of sales to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and other causes to help turn boys into men.

No animals were harmed in the making of these cards, although some of the more succulent ones were eaten throughout.