Spreckled Monkey Man Cards

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Have you ever watched a TV show and saw a really great and personable girl appear on screen? And while you are watching this show, play, historical reenactment, or whatever it may be, you find yourself thinking - "Wow. I bet I could be friends with her." Well, you've just described Abby. Not because she's that person, per se, but rather because she does that when watching almost anything on TV. It's kind of endearing, in an annoying sort of way. But that's alright. Abby has truckloads of amazing qualities.

She's 25 years old, extremely friendly, smart, cute, etc. All of the typical qualities of a popular girl with traits of the "girl next door". She's not super coordinated, and as a result, she is constantly getting hit on the head with a volleyball.

Abby comes from a wealthy family, but she seems to be oblivious to it. She's a small town girl, having been born and raised all within the same small town. But she thinks big, and she likes things her way. On one hand, she'll help an old lady across the street. On the other hand, she will angrily demand that "Ping Pong" be called "Pong Ping" for some reason. She loves the Olympics and hot dogs, although not necessarily together.

Your heart will be filled with warm fuzzies when you ponder about how she naively thinks that mixing dark and white chocolate creates milk chocolate, or how she loves snow so much that she once went out and hugged it for 15 straight minutes - causing slight frostbite to her cheek and neck.

If you do ever get to meet her, you'll be up for some fun adventures. One time, on a dare, she snuck into a farm and branded a cow. Of course she has felt terrible about it ever since, you have to admit - that's pretty impressive. Especially since she's known for her love of animals. Once she swerved out of the way to avoid hitting a cat, only to run over a turtle. That was a bad day for everyone. And, as is quite reasonable, she thinks that goat's milk is just cow's milk gone bad.

Otherwise, Abby is like lots of women her age. She's never late, nor early, but sometimes, she'll interpret the target time slightly differently than everyone else. You won't mind though. You'll just be happy to be with her.


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