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Kyle is something else. And by something else, I mean nearly identical to many young men his age. He's 20 years old, very cocky, fairly selfish. Sound familiar? Sure, he's very similar to most 20 year old dudes. Although there are some things that separate him from the rest of the world. For example, he once wrestled a stuffed bear to a stalemate. He's the third runner up state javelin champion, and he can throw a Frisbee equally well with either hand.

Of course, there is also the darker side of Kyle. No matter what you threaten him with, he will refuse to eat pickles or olives out of a jar. He just won't do it. He truly believes that he could fly if he could just get his mind wrapped around it. And although he still lives at home, he refers to himself as the "Commander" of his room. That's quite presumptuous if you ask me.

Overall, he is fairly tenderhearted, while still giving off that bad boy vibe that chicks eat like candy. So you won't mind terribly much when he calls West Virginia "Virginia #2" and thinks that Maryland is "Basically Virginia #3". That's just Kyle. He's just that way.


Found in the following cards: