Spreckled Monkey Man Cards

Cards for the other half of the planet


Luke is one of the greatest human beings that has ever lived, in his small town, which shares the name Luke. He is in his mid-20s, but you'd be able to gather that from the moment you met him. Not because it's obvious, per se, more because he is a gabby mouth. Originally from a very small town, he moved to a slightly less small town so that he could enjoy modern conveniences like internet and cell phone coverage. As you would expect, he's athletic and competitive, of course, but not overly so.

It's not that he never commits mistakes. After all, he's been hit by a car, once, while rollerblading. And while the car was stationary at the time, it seemed to come out of nowhere. Did Luke leave a note? No. No he did not.

You might find it interesting that he hasn't thrown up in 7 years. Think back to your own life. See. Pretty impressive isn't it?

Luke likes to go hunting but never kills anything. Whether he is unlucky or a poor shot, no one will say, but he does get bored easily and is constantly shooting off his gun at nothing in particular, obviously scaring away most prey within a fairly large radius.

He is a bad speller, but makes up for it in sheer quantity of words. You simply say the word, and he'll eat 1 pound of cheese in a single sitting. He'll do it. He doesn't mind.

He has extremely fast reflexes that he only lazily utilizes, but he's well-traveled, generally well groomed, and is, of course, extremely likeable. The Spreckled Monkey is the only pet he's ever had. And if you had one, I'm sure you would toss your other pets out to make room.


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